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1980s US Navy Seals Woodland

The 1980s into the 1990s was a busy period for the US Navy SEALS, seeing operations all around the globe including Grenada, Panama and Iraq. This Woodland look you see here, is typical of that which was worn in Panama and Grenada. The SEALS really honed their skills and put them to good use during this time making them a staple of the US Special forces capability.

This Package Contains the following:


  • Boonie Hat


  • T-shirt

  • Woodland BDU Jacket

  • Woodland BDU Trousers


  • Jungle boots


  • Alice Webbing set

  • 2 canteens

  • IFAK first aid pouch

  • Compass kit

  • Ammunition pouches

  • UDT/SEAL Flotation vest

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