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1993 US 75th Ranger Grenadier Combat Package

During the Battle of Mogadishu, the 75th rangers were designated the task of deploying by fast rope around target buildings to guard the members of Delta force whilst they assaulted buildings to capture key targets. They were also vehicle mounted in convoys for INFIL and EXFIL. There were many different roles within the 75th Rangers all working together to get the job done.

The grenadier added the capability of launching 40mm grenades of different varieties that became an integral part of crash site defence and taking out enemy firing positions from a safe distance.

This Package consists of:


  • PASGT Helmet

  • Choc Chip camo helmet cover

  • Helmet band

  • Issue Goggles


  • Issue Brown T-Shirt

  • Tri colour Camo BDU Jacket

  • Tri colour Camo BDU Trouser


  • Altama Desert army boots


  • Ranger Body Armor

  • M203 Grenade vest

  • ALICE Webbing set

  • 2 ALICE canteens

  • ALICE Butt pack

  • M16 Ammunition pouches

  • First aid Pouches

  • Rappelling gloves


  • Rank Pins

  • Name Tape

  • US army Tape

  • Reverse arm flag

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