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1993 US Delta Force Uniform Package

Forever immortalized in Mark Bowden’s Book, ‘Black Hawk down’ and then the Ridley Scott epic film of the same name, this battle has become well known across the globe. Task Force Ranger were deployed to Mogadishu in 1993 On a mission to capture one of the main Somali warlords who was pushing for power at the cost of civilian lives.

Deployed in August 93 they carried out multiple raids until the famed operation that took place on 3rd October 1993 that saw 2 Black hawk helicopters shot down in the city. This would lead to the biggest fire fight seen by the US army since the Vietnam war and lead to a multinational relief convoy being assembled to assist with the EXFIL.  Part of this Task force was made up of operators of the US army DELTA force considered the top tier of the US special forces community.

One such customization was RAID modding their Jackets where the front lower pockets are removed and added to the sleeves for easier access. They would also add Velcro to add insignia and glint tape to help with identification.

This Package consists of:


  • Choc Chip Camo Boonie Hat


  • Issue Brown T-Shirt

  • Tri colour Camo BDU Jacket (RAID MOD)

  • Tri colour Camo BDU Trouser


  • Altama Desert army boots


  • Rank Pins

  • Name Tape

  • US army Tape

  • Reverse arm flag

  • Glint tape

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