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US Navy Seal 'Task force Bruiser’ Iraq Assault Kit

This is an extension on our uniform package for U.S. Navy SEAL Team-3 Task Unit Bruiser, aka “The Punishers” seen during the Iraq War in the Battle of Ramadi. This uniform set was immortalised in ‘American sniper’ by Clint Eastwood with Bradley Cooper wearing the rig. The assault rig enabled the team member to carry everything the needed to clear streets of building whilst maintaining inter team comms. Designed to be lightweight and offer maximum flexibility and movement.

This package Contains the Task force bruiser uniform package and add the following:


  • RAID Modified BDU jacket


  • MICH helmet with NVG mount

  • Tan Rhodesian recon vest

  • Prc-152 radio

  • Radio zTEA push-to-talk

  • SELEX Radio headset

  • Ammunition pouches

  • First aid pouches

  • Flexi cuffs

  • IR Beacon

  • Safariland dropleg holster

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