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US Navy Seal Iraq and Afghanistan Late 90s early 2000s BDU uniform package

This package is the basic uniform you would expect to see Members of the Elite Navy seals wearing on deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan between the late 90s and early 2000s. The Navy seals are part of the special forces community, so you would see a lot of personal customisation in their uniforms and equipment.

What you see here is the basic BDU uniform that most of them would start with. This is a basic Tri Colour Camouflage BDU set with the RAID modification, where the front lower pockets are removed and added to the sleeves for easier access.

This Package Contains the following:


  • Boonie Hat

  • Cap


  • T Shirt

  • BDU Jacket (RAID MOD)

  • BDU


  • Oakley assault boots


  • Arm Flag

  • Unit patches

  • Name Tape

  • BOS Tape

  • Navy seals patch

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