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US Navy Seal Iraq and Afghanistan Late 90s early 2000s Combat package

This package is the full combat load you would expect to see Members of the Elite Navy SEALS wearing on deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan between the late 90s and early 2000s. The Navy seals are part of the special forces community so you would see a lot of personal customisation in their uniforms and equipment.

This combat load contains everything that the SEAL would need to carry out short missions in the harsh environments of Afghanistan. From observing from afar to clearing rooms and capturing key targets this allowed them to get the job done.

This Package Contains the following:


  • MICH helmet with NVG mount

  • Boonie Hat

  • Cap


  • T Shirt

  • BDU Jacket (RAID MOD)

  • BDU


  • Oakley assault boots


  • Arm Flag

  • Unit patches

  • Name Tape

  • BOS Tape

  • Navy seals patch


  • MICH helmet with NVG mount

  • Tan Rhodesian recon vest

  • Prc-152 radio

  • Radio zTEA push-to-talk

  • SELEX Radio headset

  • Tourniquet

  • Ammunition pouches

  • First aid pouches

Flexi cuffs

  • IR Beacon

  • Kelty Map 3500 backpack

  • Safariland dropleg holster

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