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WW2 Late War Infantry

The M43 uniform was first test in 1943 in Italy however due to supply issues did not see major use until late 44. The most recognizable piece of this uniform is the M43 Jacket which was used with various trouser configurations besides the M43 trousers. The set was also issued to the airborne units whose riggers would add their own large leg pockets to the trousers for extra storage. Used up until the 50s this set saw a lot of use in combat and paved the way for many different armies who would later adopt the same jacket.

The uniform was designed to be used with its own separate ‘Pile liner’ which would help in the colder environments when attached to the inside.

This set contains: 


  • M1 helmet or wool cap


  • M43 jacket

  • M43 Trousers or wool trousers

  • Wool Undershirt


  • M43 double buckle boots


  • Relevant rank insignia as required.

  • Unit Patch on left arm

  • Optional invasion flag on right arm (unit specific)

This package can also include full combat webbing sets for either airborne or infantry set ups. Airborne pockets can also be added to the trousers.

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