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WW2 Paratrooper M42 (Reinforced)

The M42 Jumpsuit was designed for the US airborne forces in the early part of the second world war. It was a very distinctive uniform designed to be hardwearing and fit for the needs of paratroopers who needed to carry as much kit with them as possible. The uniform had 2 variations, the standard unreinforced and the reinforced version seen primarily on D-day. The main difference in versions was the addition of darker green heavy duty canvas patches in areas that faced more wear and tear as well as leg straps on the thighs. We have the ability to add a variation of a protective CC2 Gas protection chemical that gave the uniform a darker, waxy and waterproof look as seen in our example here.

Made famous in recent years by the 2001 HBO mini series ‘Band of brothers’ that followed one unit within the 101st airborne throughout the war. The uniform was later replaced after D-Day with the M43 uniform.

This Package includes:


  • Garrison Cap


  • Wool Undershirt

  • M42 Jacket

  • M42 Trouser


  • Brown Corcoran Jump boots


  • Blue piping on garrison cap

  • Cap Patch

  • Relevant rank insignia as required.

  • Unit Patch on left arm

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