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WW2 Paratrooper M42 Combat Package

This package is the same as the M1942 Uniform package with the addition of a full combat equipment load correct for the time. This contains everything each US paratrooper would have used to carry out their role in combat. Each individual soldiers set up would change depending on the weapon they carry, we can cater to all of these various options and will happily change the set ups accordingly.

This Combat package includes the M1942 Combat Uniform Package (Reinforced or Un-reinforced) and the following:


  • M1c or M2 Helmet (Paratrooper specific)


  • Pistol belt or rifle belt

  • M36 suspenders

  • Musette Pack

  • Weapons specific Pouches

  • Canteen

  • First aid pouch

  • First aid pack

  • Musette Bag

  • Felt pads

  • Entrenching tool

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