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WW2 Paratrooper M42 Jump Package

This package is the same as the M1942 Uniform package and combat package with the addition of everything required to jump into battle from a C-47 airplane. They would carry every piece of equipment that they physically could around the confines of the parachute rig and various safety extras that were required. This is a very in depth set up that we would suggest using one of our trained standbys on set to ensure it is all worn correctly for maximum comfort. Altogether it is very heavy and restrictive so will need a longer dressing time on set than most standard uniforms

This Set includes:

  • M1942 Combat Uniform Package (Reinforced or Un-reinforced)

  • M1942 Combat Combat Package

  • Mae west Life Preserver

  • Jump rope

  • T5 Parachute Pack

  • Reserve parachute pack

  • Jump gloves

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