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WW2 US Military Police

The MP (military police) is an integral role to ensure that soldiers everywhere stay well behaved. They make a really nice, detailed addition to any scene be it on Principal cast or SA’s in the background. The Package itself is based around the standard infantry loadout. Pictured here is the earlier version with an M41 Jacket however we can also supply a later war version with an M43 jacket if necessary. As with all our packages we can customize them to suit all your needs.

This Package contains:


  • MP marked M1 helmet


  • Wool undershirt

  • M41/M43 Jacket

  • Wool Trousers

  • Issue Tie

  • MP arm band


  • Issue boots

  • Gaitors/Leggings


  • Pistol Belt

  • Pistol Pouch

  • Pistol holster

  • Whistle on chain

  • Nightstick in sheath

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