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British army MTP VIRTUS

This uniform of and equipment is the newest look for the British army. The addition of the VIRTUS equipment has really bought the forces of the British army into their own unique modern look. It is designed to offer multiple levels of changeable protection making the wearer more adaptable to different levels of threat. It is also notably lighter than the older issue kit so has really been designed with comfort and versatility in mind.

This package includes:


  • Virtus helmet

  • Optional visor

  • Optional face shield


  • Green under t shirt

  • MTP issue shirt

  • MTP issue smock/jacket

  • MTP trousers


  • Brown issue boot

Body armor

  • Virtus STV (scalable tactical vest)

  • Hydration pack

  • First aid kits

  • Ammunition pouches

  • Grenade pouches

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