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WW2 British Paratrooper D-day Combat Package

This package contains the full equipment load out of a British Paratrooper as seen in the Normandy invasion on top of the standard British paratrooper uniform set. This would completely dress an actor with everything needed for full marching order. The webbing sets are easily adjustable for size and we can accommodate changes for what ever weapon may be issued. 

On top of the standard paratrooper uniform package the combat package also contains:


  • British para Mk1 helmet

  • Helmet net

  • Helmet scrim


  • Denison smock

  • Webbing

  • 2 x 1937 ammo pouches

  • 1937 webbing belt

  • 2 x cross straps

  • Small pack with straps

  • Water bottle set

  • Entrenching tool


  • Jump wings

  • Right arm rank patch

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