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WW2 British Paratrooper D-day Uniform Package

The British parachute regiment has been considered one of the British army’s elite units since its official founding in the early 1940s. Donning the famed ‘Pegasus’ patch and iconic Denison smocks they really cut a unique figure in amongst the British armies infantry units. The paratroopers uniform uses the basic battledress seen throughout the British army with most opting for the modified BD trouser with extra front pocket. Due to the unique way an airborne unit fights they carry everything they might need on them once they jump in behind enemy lines. There was some subtle changes later on in the war however the uniform seen here is what was typically used in 1944 for the Normandy invasion. As with our US paratrooper loadout this package is also available in the full Combat package and the full Jump package.

This uniform package includes:


  • Maroon Beret


  • Collarless undershirt

  • BD Dress jacket (1937 or 1940 pattern available)

  • BD Para trousers (standard trousers also available)

  • Denison smock also available


  • Ammo Boots

  • Gaitors


  • Beret pin

  • Rank Patchs

  • Jump wings

  • Airborne Tab

  • Pegasus Patch

  • Shoulder tab

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