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Here we have our bread and butter and the reason we started the company. After years of working on productions sorting through kit delivered by other suppliers with various issues from cleanliness, incorrect items and messy logistical delivery we decided that there is a gap and a need that we could fill.

Is accuracy that important?

We sure think so and you only have to read reviews where an incorrect costume takes someone out of the world being portrayed to back this up. It happens all the time. We consider ourselves subject experts on everything we supply and Im ensure that every detail is correct. We have seen it many times where people have been incorrectly advised by people who have limited knowledge in the field or followed a research picture that although looks authentic is actually from a battle reenactment 60 years after the event. Our information has been obtained over many years and our aim is to pass it on. Wether it be what uniform to wear or how a soldiers webbing goes together, we ensure that all this is sorted before it is delivered to your studio door. We also have a vast database of suppliers and contacts where we can obtain anything we don’t have in stock (on that very rare occasion) at the drop of a hat.

Our own custom workshops are also on hand to make those custom bespoke rare pieces that might not be so easy or cheap to find. This again saves time and money as know one wants to destroy a rare jacket that costs thousands when a reproduction can be made.

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